NT Backup And Restore
  • NT Backup And Restore
  • NT Backup And Restore
  • NT Backup And Restore
  • NT Backup And Restore
  • NT Backup And Restore

NT Backup And Restore Light, easy backup your shop


Completely backup your PrestaShop store automatically or manually.
Completely restore your PrestaShop store in the same location or elsewhere (another domain or locally).

Prestashop -> 8.x.x

Module translated in English, French, Danish (Nick Andersen), Swedish (Roy Sohlander), Traditional Chinese (Bryant Kang), Simplified Chinese (Bai Shijun), Russian (Svetlana Gaillard), Italian (Alessia Faenza), Persian (Siavash Kamalpour) and German (Hans Rudolf Zimmermann)


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Lifetime support and updates !


Backup and restore your shop easily.
Backup your online store and restore it where you want!
The ideal module for developers:
    Create the shop locally and restore it onto the production server in 1 click!
    Save a shop on a production server and restore it locally or on a test server in 1 click!


  • Create a full backup (files + database) in 1 click
  • Complete restoration in 1 click
  • Ability to restore locally or on another domain
  • Ability to keep multiple backups
  • Display the backup progress status
  • Display the restoration progress status
  • Ability to not backup useless data
  • Ability of extra simple daily automation of your backups
  • Ability to automate advanced backup via cron
  • Ability to automate secure download of backup
  • Backup in a standard format
  • Ability to backup only database or only files
  • Ability to send backup result by mail
  • Ability to create new super admin when restoring
  • Ability to delete customers emails when restoring
  • Ability to disable SSL when restoring
  • Ability to disable cache when restoring
  • Ability to disable ModPagespeed when restoring
  • Ability to disable media servers when restoring
  • Ability to enable developer mode when restoring
  • Ability to change table prefix when restoring
  • Ability to change files and folders access rights when restoring
  • Ability to change database collation, charset and storage engine when restoring
  • Ability to not restore files
  • Ability to not restore database
  • Working well even with very (very) large shop (no size limit)

Unlike the full version of the module, some options are not available in this light version, for example:

  • Remote sending of backups
  • Encryption of backups
  • The ability to not save the product images
  • The restoration from the module (the restoration with the restoration script is of course still available in the light version)
  • The ability to ignore some folders, files, or database tables
  • Compatibility with XSendFile
  • Files and folders map

Lifetime support and updates !


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New in this version
Restore : Check that sodium extension is loaded if needed, Restore : Auto fix table creation in innodb in case of autoincrement and multiple primary keys from myisam
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